- Ecodep Postdoc position 2021 is opened to applications, email the complete records to Paul Doukhan and Jennifer Denis. See also EURAXESS Link

- EUTOPIA Postdoc positions , may be found on
--> EUTOPIA European University : Twitter and linkedin
--> CY University : Twitter and linkedin
To apply:
a) check the applications conditions,
b) check if they fit the ECODEP project
Applications should interact with ECODEP members.
- Ecodep Postdoc 2020 is closed.

PhD offer

Applications to a PhD thesis, are closed. The thesis concerns modelling of Abundance relative data.
It will be cotutored by Lionel Truquet (ENSAI) and Paul Doukhan (CYU). Applications should be submitted directly to the advisors.
For more detail report to euraxess link.


Local activity : CYU Internships
See also Ecodep Links

More positions to come.