Online Opening EcoDep Conference

September 9-11, 2020.

They will aim at organising adequate orientations for ECODEP.
A round table will also help to decide precise actions.
We will try to:
- develop probabilist models of population dynamics
- develop statistical tools for applications.
- implement such tools for applications in ecology.

Abstracts Book (on construction).

Provisional schedule
It is designed in order that researchers from all over the world may attend and give talks:
- Morning (Eastern Sessions) 9-12, Paris Time, [16-19h Tokyo Time], [19-22h Nouméa Time]
- Afternoon (Western Sessions) 15-18, Paris Time, [9-12 Santiago or New-York Time]

Potential Orators:
- Pierre Alquier, RIKEN-AIP, Tokyo: Parametric estimation via MMD optimization: robustness to outliers and dependence.
- Alejandra Cabana, UAB, Barcelona: Estimation of under reporting in count time series data.  Application to  CoVID-19 cases.
- Tran Viet Chi, LAMA UPEM, Marne la Vallée.
- Joel E Cohen, Rockefeller University, New-York.
- Gilles Durrieu, UBS, Vannes: A nonparametric statistical procedure for the detection of marine pollution and global warning effects.
- Victor de la Pena, Statistics-Columbia, New-York.
- Thierry Huillet, LPTM-CYU, Cergy: Scaling features of two remarkable Markov chains involving total disasters.
- William Kengne, THEMA-CYU, Cergy: Model selection for common time series models.
- Eric Lebras, Biotope, Mèze.
- Morgan Mangeas, IRD, Nouméa.
- Pablo Marquet, Catholic University, Santiago.
- Sylvie Méléard, Polytechnique, Palaiseau.
- Hélène Morlon, ENS, Paris.
- Sergio Navarette, Catholic University, Santiago.
- Michael Neumann, Department of Mathematics, Jena.
- Rollando Rebolledo, University of Valparaiso.
- Eric Renault, Department of Economics, Warwick. Lag-augmented local projections and causality properties at different horizons.
- Joseph Rynkiewicz, SAMM-Sorbonne, Paris.
- Yahia Sahli, ISFA, Lyon: Dynamical Taylor’s laws.
- Wilfried Thuiller, LECA, Grenoble.
- Lionel Truquet, ENSAI, Rennes: Times series : exogeneity and random environment.