Master Level Lectures

A Research oriented course will be opened to EcoDep oriented students within the frame of the Master of Mathematics in Cergy University and with the support of EcoDep.
It will consist into 4 sessions (twice 2:30 hours) of two weeks in November, December, January and February.
The evaluation of this course will be subject to the redaction of a memorandum.

Four thematics within the following ones will be selected each year
- Modeling of abundance in ecology (R Rebolledo; P Marquet, Santiago)
- Modeling in population dynamics (T Huillet; O Klesov, Kiev; Y Sahli, ISFA Lyon)
- Self-normalization & Taylor's law (P Doukhan; V de la Pena, Columbia New-York)
- Time series with covariates and applications (L Truquet, ENSAI, Rennes)
- Time series for biodiversity (G Durrieu, UBS Vannes)
- High dimensional time series (J Rynkiewicz, Paris 1; P Alquier, Tokyo)
- Non-stationarity (P Doukhan)
- Structural breaks (W Kengne)
- Econometric methods in ecology (JL Prigent; E Renault, Warwick)
- Modeling in genomics (X Li, Duluth; JP Feugeas, Besançon)